Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I did it

I have just successfully been able to add a picture on the left hand side of my blog without any incident.
Oh! what joy, now I just need to find the time to do the rest.

I had a great time travelling around last week. I spent a day with Donna and as some of you have seen we did manage some shopping. Then I travelled from Strathalbyn to Tanunda and had a couple of days with my old housemate Beth and her new dog Caddy, poor Inca is now on the outer.

I then went to Adelaide and picked up my Mum and took her home on Thursday back to Bordertown and stayed with her until Sunday.

Now I should have left the door open for the cleaning fairy to come and do my house while I was away unfortunately I had to do it myself and that is what is on the agenda for tonight.

Happly Blogging girls. Luv Maria.


liz said...

Well done old girl. As for your 3 children I wish you would come and pick them up as I am sick of babysitting for you!! (the pay is lousy)....
love from Liz.

susy said...

Well done Maria, way to go. That darn cleaming fairy is very slack, hasn't been to my house either.

coco said...

howdy maria,

I had to pay for the lady to clean my carpets today, she wasnt a fairy but.... they are sparkly clean. I need to roll up my sleeves tomorrow and get cleaning too. Gee aint life grand, we all need to be rich and have a magic wand. Come on Tink, spread that fairy dust around, or call Peter!!

LOve ya xxx Coco

Donna Maria said...

Yes....that fairy really should get her priorities right...ME FIRST!!

Glad you had a good week...more post please!